Athletic Performance & Speed-Strength Training

Our training program for athletes is designed to develop a foundation of strength, balance and stability, then build to more complex, multi-joint movements.  Athletes will focus on developing speed, agility, quickness, stamina & injury prevention; along with strength training to maximize improvements in athletic performance while emphasizing safety and technique.  Every session will be a full body workout focusing on sport specific (lacrosse) movements: upper body, lower body & core exercises, lateral & rotational movements, balance & stability, agility, change of direction & explosiveness.  An emphasis will also be placed on endurance with the goal of each workout to get cardio by weight training.  Each session will go through a dynamic warm-up, approximately 9 exercises: 3 sets each for 27 total exercises & finish with a static stretch. 

For young, growing athletes it is important to weight train safely, with someone knowledgeable.  Current research shows that strength training adolescent athletes actually stimulates growth by producing natural human growth hormone (HGH) & testosterone, countering the belief that weight lifting stunts your growth.  We will avoid heavy loading on the back for young athletes and utilize body weight movements including resistant bands for speed work, TRX suspension training medicine ball throws and plyometric body weight movements.

An article is linked below which speaks to youth athlete strength training. Many of the points in the article relate to the Elevated Lacrosse Athletic Performance Training Program.
Link:  Strength Training for Adolescent Athletes

Training in the gym:

​$35 / hour workout per athlete. Based off 3-4 athlete groups.
10 Pack- $300 + 1 session free as a trial

Training on the field:

Trainings will be coached by Dan Deckelbaum, personal trainer, state champion coach HS coach and former professional player. Dan has trained dozens of athletes looking to get to the next level in their lacrosse careers.  Ranging from youth players looking to perfect their skills and fundamentals, to high school and college All-Americans looking to get intense competition and advanced skill development.  Dan will suit up and work with players on the field: playing defense and demonstrating full speed with offensive players, doing 1v1s, working on game changing checks, fundamental footwork and holds with defensemen, shooting on goalies and working on stance, explosiveness and footwork in the net. 

Dan graduated from The University of Delaware, after helping lead UD to the best season in school history in 2007 as a starting midfielder and leading scorer. He played in Major League Lacrosse and the National Lacrosse League for 7 seasons with the Philadelphia Wings, Chicago Machine, Rochester Rattlers and Hamilton Nationals.  As a coach Dan won a Delaware state championship at Tower Hill High School and back to back District 1 (Philly area) championships at Avon Grove High School.

​Individual training on the field - $80 per hour
Group Training - $60 per hour workout for 2 players
$50 for 3-4 players
$40 for 4-6 players
For Groups of 6 or more please contact