"Coming into high school, I was one of those kids who had potential, but hadn't really shown it yet. After coaching me for a season my Freshman year, Dan recognized my potential. I remember one day after one of our games, I came off the field and Dan told me that I was going to be a stud and to keep working hard. I trained hard with him individually after that season, working on my shots, dodges, and overall athleticism. Dan gave me some great tips that really helped me progress as a player. I came back Sophomore year for a massive breakout season. In one year, Dan transformed me from a no name defensive midfielder my Freshman year, to a First Team All-State midfielder who led his team in goals my Sophomore year, and then ultimately, into a Division 1 commit (Colgate) early in my Junior year. I honestly believe that I would not have made it this far without Dan." ~ Will Mette- Colgate

"Working with Dan Deckelbaum helped me tremendously improve my skills and prepared me for Division 1 lacrosse. Not only did he help me alter my mechanics, which took my play to a new level, but he also taught me completely new ways to play the game which has made me a much better lacrosse player. I practiced 1 vs. 1s with Dan which I believe was the most productive aspect of his entire influence on me. After attempting to guard him in a live lacrosse situation, it enabled me to be ready when the time came for me to guard top D1 college players. Dan is also a players coach. He's not much removed from playing college lacrosse and still plays professionally, so he can easily relate to younger players. I can honestly say I wouldn't have the success I've had so far at college without the help of Coach Deck." ~ Kevin Barrow- St Joes

"Dan is a great coach and person he has helped me out a lot. He helped me raise the level of my play both offensively and defensively. He really is a players coach, he does what he thinks is best for you but also takes what you believe you need to work on and does that too. Dan has done a lot for me on and off the field, and I don't believe I would be the same player and person I am today without his help." ~ Brendan Fabian- Drexel

"As a freshman in High School I was given the opportunity to play Varsity. I was expected to come in and be able to play at a high level and be an asset on the field. Dan really helped me become acclimated to the skill and speed needed for a varsity player. He worked on my dodging, shooting, and overall lacrosse IQ. With the coaching he provided, he not only helped me to become a competitive varsity player, but he pushed me to maximize my ability, giving me the opportunity to be recruited for Division 1 lacrosse. I have recently committed to play for Penn State University, one of the top Division 1 schools in the country. I plan on working with Dan for the rest of my high school career to make me the best player I can be. Dan will continue to teach and challenge me in my dodges, shots and overall lacrosse IQ. He will continue to grow the confidence i have in my game as I continue to prepare for the next level. I have appreciated him as a coach, a mentor, and a true encouragement for me both on and off the field."
~ Tanner Peck- Penn State

"I've been working with Coach Deckelbaum for over a year now. And within that time I have made major improvements in my lacrosse game.  I have definitely moved to the next level of lacrosse thanks to his quality coaching."
~ Will Schreiner- Penn State

"I just wanted to pass on to you that my boys thought your Elevated Lacrosse camp at Avon Grove was great. They have gone to other local day camps but they think Elevated Lacrosse stands way out all around. It sounds like the camp staff was excellent and they all came away with a few new skills and an overall a great time. My boys and the Drake boys had a lot of positive comments each day, despite the extreme heat.
-Good job on putting together a productive camp!" -Maggie

" Since I started working with Dan Deckelbaum I have become stronger and have learned how to become a better lacrosse player. With his help, I was able to gain more muscle and speed. By working with Dan in the gym I gained ten pounds of muscle in just 6 weeks. Dan has also taught me how to become a more efficient dodger and how to make my shot faster and more accurate. I feel that Dan has helped me become a better lacrosse player in many ways."      -Nick Fanelli